Meisner Training
+ Alexander Technique

1 Week

Mo-Fr 10:00 – 15:00h

Next Date: coming soon

375 €

“Your acting will not be good until it is only yours. That’s true of music, acting, anything creative.
You work until finally nobody is acting like you.“ 
Sanford Meisner

During this week you train to make your acting deeper and filled with more honesty. You learn to open up and let your emotions and your energy run through your body, to make yourself vulnerable and emotionally versatile. You learn to really listen and not to pretend, you train to really do your doings and not pretend that you are doing them. The Alexander Technique helps you to get rid of the unnecessary tension that might me in your body, and blocks you from opening up. You learn and experience to let go, to be open for surprises so that emotions and energy can run through you.

Meisner Intensive
+ Alexander Technique

3 Weeks

Mo-Fr 10:00 – 15:00h
Next Date: 18.6. – 6.7.

You can book individual weeks.

each week 375 €
all 3 weeks 1.000 €

„If you want to reach every person in the audience,
it’s not about being bigger, it’s about being deeper.“ 
Sanford Meisner

At the 3 Weeks Meisner Intensive Class you will receive comprehensive training and insight into the Meisner Technique. In the first week you will train the basic Meisner Technique Exercise „the Repetition“. Putting your attention 100% on your partner, reduce your self awareness and stress and give your acting the possibility to be free for authentic reaction and emotion. In the second week you will get to know the further Meisner Exercises such as „The Knock on the Door“, „Moment before“ and „Emotional Preparation“ to prepare your acting for using the tools of the Meisner Technique in Scene Work. In the third week you will apply the exercises and tools that you have learned in a scene that you will be given. The Meisner Technique Tools will teach you how to act in a scene with authenticity, honesty and real emotions from moment zu moment. In the End of the third week you will have a presentation of your scene in front of an audience. During these three weeks Annedore Kleist will give you advice in how the Alexander Technique helps your body to come straightforward to a freedom of your emotions and your authenticity.

Camera Acting
Modul 1 “Basics”

5 Days mit Joe Berger

Next Date: 7. – 11. May 2018

Mo and Tue 10-15 Uhr
Wed and Thur 10-18 Uhr
Fr. 10 till open end

+ 2 Days Acting Preparation with Meisner Technique

During the first two days of this workshop we will work with the Meisner Technique on the actors’ ability to emotionally open up. „The Emotional Preparation“ allows the actor to show authentic emotions, enlarges the presence and later fills the monologue you have learned with life and truthfulness. The aim of these two days is to experience real emotions on stage, so that you can later „borrow“ them to your character in front of the camera.


+ 2 Days Camera Introduction

During these two days you will experience the value of yourself in front of the camera. Through several exercises you will experience the tips and tricks that enlarge your presence and make it easier for you to repeat your acting over and over again. We will also go trough the do’s and don’ts on set. The aim of these two days is to give you an introduction to the value of your face and body, that helps you to prepare for your acting. Every participant gets the chance to experience him or herself in front of the camera to loose the fear of it.


+ Camera Exercise

On the last day of this workshop we will put the preparation and introduction together and you will learn to fill your monologue with real emotions and truthfulness in front of the camera. After that we will reflect and speak about your experiences.