Regular Training

weekly Class – Meisner Basic

(the basic Meisner Technique „repetition“ exercise)

Thursdays 11:00-13:00h
max. 8 Participants
20 €

At the Meisner Basic Class you will learn the basic aim of the Meisner Technique, to get in contact with your partner. Putting your attention 100% on your partner will make your acting capable of authentic reaction. It will train you to really listen and care for your partner, the most important precondition to make your acting free, alive and filled with emotions.

weekly Class – Meisner Advanced

(Knock on the Door, Emotional Preparation, Moment Before, Activities and working with text)

Thursdays 13:00-15:00h
max. 6 Participants
20 €

At the Meisner Advanced Class you will learn to develop and use the „Repetition“ exercise in further exercises such as „the knock on the door“ as well as using all Meisner Acting Tools for Scene Work with text. You will learn and practice to develop a character and how to fill that character with real emotions from moment to moment.

Training Card

10 x Training 150 €
you can use this card for the regular training classes Meisner Basic and Meisner Advanced at STUDIO TAMBOUR

Special Training

3 Weeks Meisner Intensive

Mo-Fr 10:00 – 15:00h
1st week Meisner Basic Repetition Exercise
2nd week Activities, Knock on the Door, Emotional Preparation, Moment Before
3rd week Scene Work with Presentation on Friday

You can book individual weeks.
each week 375€
all 3 weeks 1.000€

At the 3 Weeks Meisner Intensive Class you will receive comprehensive training and insight into the Meisner Technique. In the first week you will train the basic Meisner Technique Exercise „the Repetition“. Putting your attention 100% on your partner reduce your self awareness and stress and give your acting the possibility to be free for authentic reaction and emotion. In the second week you will get to know the further Meisner Exercises such as „The Knock on the Door“, Moment before and Emotional Preparation to prepare your acting for using the tools of the Meisner Technique in Scene Work. In the third week you will apply the exercises and tools that you have learned in a scene that you will be given. The Meisner Technique Tools will teach you how to act in a scene with authenticity, honesty and real emotions from moment zu moment. In the End of the third week you will have a presentation of your scene in front of an audience.

3 Days Camera Acting Workshop with Joe Berger

technical introduction – how to technically put yourself into the scene
working on set – how you can protect your acting under pressure
preparation – how to prepare your character at home
moment before – what do you do right before sooting
to be in the moment – how to train the confidence in your preparation

After this 3 days workshop you will go home with a professional scene for your showreel that shows a strong, authentic and emotional moment of your acting.
On the first day you will play your scene with no preparation and we will tape it. Then you will learn and experience how you prepare at home and on set to you give your acting more emotional depth. After the technical preparation on day one, acting preparation on day two, you will do your scene again on day three. This time we will tape it professionally with sound and light. You will experience how the preparation improves your performance.