Owner of Studio Tambour


Amélie Tambour

Director and Acting Coach in Berlin

After her studies in Ludwigsburg at the Academy of Performing Arts, under the direction of Luk Perceval, Amélie Tambour founded a space for Actors, Directors and Artists in Berlin, to study, explore and analyze the „Art Of Acting“. In her Theater Productions as well as in her Work at the Studio as a Teacher she is looking for honesty, empathy and courage. She puts the Actor into the focus of the work, creating a space where the freedom of acting can rise. A huge part of her philosophy is that an actor has to train the use of his instruments as well as a violinist does, who also never stops training. Mike Bernardin, whom she met at the Academy in Ludwigsburg, became her teacher in the Meisner Technique, mentor for her diploma project, still is an important guide and meanwhile became a colleague. After she first got in contact with the Meisner Technique, she startet to not only use this technique to train actors to become more human, alive and empathetic, but she also startet to develop theater plays using the Meisner Technique on stage. Since then she developed several shows with her Theater Company „Café Tambour“. In 2017 she met the actress and Alexander Technique teacher Annedore Kleist, who not only became a member of the Theater company but also startet to train actors at Studio Tambour in Alexander Technique. They both proved that the philosophy of Alexander is the embodiment of the Meisner Technique and that they go hand in hand in helping actors to become more free in their expression.

Amélie Tambour is involved in several Projects as a Coach for actors as well as directors and writers such as Artjom Gilz, Rony Herman, Katharina Schlothauer, Theresa Tripp, Julian Härtner, Ernest Allan Hausmann, Benjamin Cantu, Anne Zohra Berrached etc.
Since 2019 Amélie Tambour is a lecturer for Meisner technique at the Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg and the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Stuttgart.
She lives and works in Berlin.

In collaboration with

Annedore Kleist

Annedore Kleist

Actress and Alexander Technique Teacher

As actors, we don’t want to be inhibited by our personal habits, we want a wide range of possibilities how to react in various situations and as various characters. The Alexander Technique gives us the freedom and flexibility to behave in unconditioned ways. We start working on simple activities like standing up, sitting down on a chair, walking etc. While we are performing these activities, the Alexander Technique Teacher helps us to recognize and stop unnecessary tension. We learn to stay out of the way, so that something different, new can happen instead. The manner how we move and do things becomes light and free. We start to act in a state of tranquility and heightened presence.
As Directors, the Alexander Technique enables us to have an overall view on the actor, we can read the actor’s body better and have another tool to address it. Instead of saying, the scene should be happier, we could for instance remind the actor to be lighter on his feet. This will give us a non-threatening language, because it bypasses all sort of psychological strategies and goes straight to the actors body.

Annedore Kleist studied at Dan Armon’s School for Alexander Technique in Berlin from 2000 – 2004 and is working since then as an Alexander Technique Teacher specialized in working with Actors. She studied Acting at the Academy of Musik and Theater in Hamburg, took part in productions in Basel, Wuppertal, Berlin etc. and she is a member of the ensemble Nico and the Navigators. Since 2017 she is member of Studio Tambour, as Alexander Technique Teacher.


Dafne-Maria Fiedler

Actress and Mindset & Transformation Coach

Dafne-Maria Fiedler has been working as an actress since 2000, spending most of her time performing in theatre productions.
In 2004 Dafne-Maria started working as theatre pedagogue as well as working as a host for various film festivals such as: Max Ophüls, Filmfest München, achtung berlin etc.

In 2007 she first explored the Meisner Technique through Mike Bernardin. Ever since she has been using this method to express her desire for freedom and truthfulness in acting.
Dafne-Maria is part of the Theater Company „Cafe Tambour“, founded by Amélie Tambour. Together they did several productions. The latest one „Poison – a marriage story“ by Lot Vekemans in 2019. All these productions are based on the Meisner Technique.

Parallel to her acting career Dafne-Maria works as a mindset & transformation coach, helping people become more present and reconnect with their true potential.
In addition to that she is a Matrix-2-Point® coach (based on Quanten Healing), a High Frequency Coach and a Theta Healer®.
In 2019 she founded her online business for healing and transformation called „Paradise Coaching“.


Hanna Brodersen

Singer, Composer and Vocal Coach

Hanna Brodersen, singer, composer and vocal coach has helped many singers, actors and speakers build and protect their speaking and singing voices.
‘It’s easy when you know which muscles to train and which ones to relax!’ Looking for more possibilities to express herself with her own voice, she received a profound classical and pop-vocal training at the University of Arts in Berlin and at the Berklee-Institute in Barcelona. During her ten years of teaching experience, she combined powerful methods – practical muscle strengthening and opening exercises, mental training and sound healing – to resolve physical and mental blockages, to learn how to focus and surrender and to really open and strengthen the vocal system. Be ready to increase your frequency, break free, open up your voice, and become flexible and at ease!

Inspired by the pulsing musical variety of her hometown Berlin, Hanna has always felt the desire to express herself through music. Among the varied musical traditions of her upbringing, Latin music won her heart as a child and continues to shape her musical taste. Since the release of her debut album “Release”, Hanna has toured through Europe. She currently lives in Lisbon, producing her second album.


Joe Berger

Joe Berger

Cinematographer in Berlin

The Austrian director of photography is working in the film industry since 2004. First he studied Production at the Film Academy in Vienna. His aim has always been to fully understand the complex accessory of movie making, to look at it and experience it from every side, therefore he worked in several departments. He worked as associate producer, DOP, camera assistant and even as a stunt driver. He produced Children TV Shows, shot movies, also performed in the role of a director of photography in the movie „Die Migrantigen“. 2016 he finished his studies at the Hamburg Media School with a Masters Degree in Camera. He won the german Camera Price 2017 with his movie „Cigarbox Blues“. Since then he is exclusively working as a cinematographer.
Joe Berger also teaches in Vienna and Hamburg, s.a. the Theater Academy of Hamburg. The focus of his teaching is to convey the technical process in front of the camera and the behavior on set. Giving the actor the ability to act steadily and easily on set and in front of the camera. The result is freedom and authenticity. Joe Berger wants to support and to catch the magic of acting despite of all the technical aspects. He wants actors to understand the camera as a friend and partner.