The Studio

The 100m2 light-flooded Studio is set in the center of Berlin-Schöneberg in Naumannpark, where several little and innovative corporations settled, such as bright site – Berlin Boulder Projekt, East 61 Beachvolleyball, carpentry, manufactures etc.

Studio Tambour

Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 28
Haus 3.2
10829 Berlin

Amélie Tambour
+49 (0)151 200 20 452

In September 2016 I found this place, back then it was called Theaterraum, and owned by my colleague Rolf Hürter, who was kind enough to take me as a subtenant. I immediately knew that this place was a good space for searching, finding, failing, training, rehearsing. After the sudden and tragic passing of Rolf, I knew that I wanted to keep the spirit, that he brought into the space with his theater group. Studio Tambour, shall keep on being a space of freedom, try and error, rising, learning and training. Studio Tambour is in collaboration with colleagues and recommending their work such as Tim Garde (Chubbuck Technique) and Jens Roth (Source Tuning).

Studio Tambour as Castingstudio or for rent as a rehearsal space

You can rent the Studio Tambour for various functions for example for castings, rehearsals or for foto shootings. The light-flooded Studio is one big room, that can quickly be transformed into a conference room, empty space, blackbox, theater stage. Lots of options are possible in short time.

Cost and Availability

Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays available

Prize per day (8h) 450,- Euro
extra charge for overtime

Pize per hour 35,- Euro
Ask for individual offer.