The 100m2 light-flooded Studio is set in the center of Berlin-Schöneberg in Naumannpark, where several little and innovative corporations settled, such as bright site – Berlin Boulder Projekt, East 61 Beachvolleyball, carpentry, manufactures etc.

In September I found this place, back then it was called Theaterraum, and owned by my colleague Rolf Hürter, who was kind enough to take me as a subtenant. I immediately knew that this place was a place for searching, finding, failing, training, rehearsing. After the sudden and tragic passing of Rolf, I immediately knew that I wanted to keep this spirit, that he brought into the space with his theater group. The room, Studio Tambour, shall keep on being a place of freedom, trail and error, rising, learning and training.

Studio Tambour is in collaboration with colleagues from abroad such as Mike Bernardin, The Ostrenko Brothers, Jerry Kwarteng etc.