The 100m2 light-flooded Studio is set in the center of Berlin-Schöneberg in Naumannpark, where several little and innovative corporations settled, such as bright site – Berlin Boulder Projekt, East 61 Beachvolleyball, carpentry, manufactures etc.

In September I found this place, back then it was called Theaterraum, and owned by my colleague Rolf Hürter, who was kind enough to take me as a subtenant. I immediately knew that this place was a place for searching, finding, failing, training, rehearsing. After the sudden and tragic passing of Rolf, I immediately knew that I wanted to keep this spirit, that he brought into the space with his theater group. The room, Studio Tambour, shall keep on being a place of freedom, trail and error, rising, learning and training.


STUDIO TAMBOUR offers certain training and exercises that help you find your way to honesty, truthfulness and attentiveness. These exercises train you as an actor to be more authentic in your acting but it also trains everybody apart from his job to live life more enhanced.

Empathy is the ability to read and understand the emotional world of a another person. It is one of the most necessary abilities that an actor needs to be trained in. An actor needs to be trained in humanity, trained to have appetite for contact. This human instinct becomes less important in a society that is more and more based on self improvement and pressure to perform. But being able to listen to someone, is a basic thing that you should be able to do on stage. Having the interest to really get in contact with someone on stage is important for every form of collaboration, especially when it comes to the arts.

Amélie Tambour