Receive guidance from an acting coach and present yourself and your idea for a character.

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What is an e-casting?
Since the digital age arrived in Germany, productions started to increasingly use the digital version for casting. An e-casting is an easy format used to present yourself and your idea for a character. The production sends you a casting scene, but instead of playing it in front of the casting jury, you will record yourself and simply send the tape to the production. But not everybody has a good quality mobile phone camera, a stand or a microphone at home to make sure everybody can see and hear your tape properly. Therefore you will come to the Studio, you will find the perfect equipment, that is already set up for you and you will find Amélie as your acting coach, who will make sure that you will present yourself and the character in the best possible way.

How to prepare for the e-casting?
You will come to the Studio with your memorized text. If necessary (for example: necessary to have a male partner) you will bring your scene partner with scene in hand, ready to read the lines and play the scene with you. Your scene partner will always be behind the camera, never in front of it. If you don’t bring a scene partner, then Amélie, your acting coach, will play the scene with you, also always behind the camera.

Schedule for the shooting?
Be there on time, get in your costume (always choose a costume the character might wear), do your make up and hair. Read the scene out loud, prepare with Amélie all the important things for the scene, such as scene objectives etc. If everything is ready, you step in front of the camera and the shooting begins. The shooting will take as long until we both are satisfied. In general an e-casting should not take longer than one hour. The total time is determined by the number of scenes.

80,- € /hour (incl. 19% VAT)

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