About Me Videos

What is an About Me Video?

The truth is that nobody really knows what it is or should be or how you should make it so that everyone will like it. That’s because if you think you can present yourself like this: „I’m going to present myself in the way I think you want me to be“ – you will always fail! You are not in this world to be like others would have you. So, first of all, at STUDIO TAMBOUR you will find a style of About Me Videos that is totally pure, truthful and raw. No filter, no frills. You will present yourself as artist, actor, but first of all as a human being, 100% you, simply that.

How to prepare for the shooting?

The cool thing with our About Me Video style is that you don’t need to prepare at all. You just bring clothes that you like and make up that you like. That’s all. No preparation in text is required.

Schedule for the shooting?

Be there on time, get in your clothes and make up. Sit down in front of the camera. It takes about one hour to do the shooting. After the shooting we will give you the files on your usb or send it to you via wetransfer, if you don’t have an usb with you.

About Me Video

220,- € /session (incl. 19% VAT)