Coaching for Actors

Play/Character/Scene Analysis for Actors to prepare for a role.

You want to know what you can do to present and prepare yourself as good as possible for an audition, or role in a play or film?

Sometimes you find yourself in a project that doesn’t allow rehearsals or any kind of preparation before shooting. That doesn’t mean that you have to go on set without preparation. As an actor it is your responsibility get the best out of your performance and to know as much as possible about your character, the scene, the circumstances, the script or the play.

At Studio Tambour you will get a very well structured and always applicable road map for your preparation.

Coaching for Directors/Authors/Screenwriters

Finding a language with actors. Play/Character/Scene Analysis for directors/authors/screenwriters

As a director you sometimes find yourself in a situation where you don’t know how to help an actor getting deeper into emotion, you are looking for words and explanations to transport your idea, but nothing seems to work.

At Studio Tambour you will experience your work through the eyes of an actor, experiencing what it means to show emotions in front of an audience and how it feels to be „directed“. Through a series of exercises you will build up a method to transport your ideas as best as you can and let the actors live freely in your world of thoughts. Through the analysis of your/the script or play you will learn how to prepare yourself as good as possible for your production and the responsibility that goes with it, to make sure that you will be clear and precise with your announcements.

Directors coached by Studio Tambour: