»Die Theorie von Allem« premiered in Venice at the Filmfestival

I had the privilege to work with the two lead actors Jan Bülow and Olivia Ross after director Timm Kröger asked me for support. My job was to create a strong bond and love between the two main characters. Using the Meisner Technique was working very well, we had a great time and the two of them still share a loving and trusting contact. It was a great pleasure to work with young producer Viktoria Stolpe from the production company “The Barricades” and to see how strong the team spirit is among us alumni from Ludwigsburg. This experience in Venice has changed my belief in German film and I look forward to all future projects with Viktoria and The Barridaces.

The Hollywood Reporter has written a great report about our film and the production company “The Barricades”.

»Die Welt wird eine andere sein« at Berlinale

The film „Die Welt wird eine andere sein” by director Anne Zohra Berrached premiered at the Berlinale 2021, but I joined the project much earlier. Namely after Anne Zohra, with whom I had also studied in Ludwigsburg, asked me back in 2017 if I could prepare her two leading actors. The challenge of the film was the really believable great love story between the two characters. So I got the great privilege of working with both lead actors, Canan Kir and Roger Azar for over a year before the movie was even shot. This project was the first big collaboration for me with directing, acting and producing and I am very grateful to Anne Zohra for making an important statement for acting coaching by bringing all the departments together. The work between the two main actors and myself was fully transparent for the director and the production and so we were able to play an important part in making the shoot so smooth, clear and appreciative.