Two Year Professional Acting Program

»The truth of ourselves is the root of our acting.«
Sanford Meisner

Starting: 22 January 2024

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9 AM – 12 AM

1st year: total length – 32 weeks (approximately 9 hours a week)

The training begins with a three-month period of intensive improvisational work, including the”Repetition Exercise” in which actors learn to take the attention off themselves and put it on their partners’ real behavior, allowing it to affect them and cause a truthful reaction. Students then apply this strong beginning in their ability to “live truthfully” to modern scene work. The rest of the year is devoted to a heightening of this sense of truth and the actors’ emotional depth through more improvisational work and scenes. After nine months, the actors emerge as more honest human beings with instruments ready to act truthfully in film, television, and the stage.


2nd year:
Main focus on character work in longer complex scenes
Scene Work, Scene Analysis, Character Work, Animal Work.

Alexander Technique
& Voice and Speech

The Alexander Technique trains you to come back to a free flowing state within your body, enabling you to simultaneously feel the connection to yourself, to your partner and the space around you. While applying the Alexander Technique to the Meisner Exercises you will be able to discover where you get in your own way, blocking your energy and stopping your impulses.

Camera Acting

First Weekend: Eyelines, Marks, LIghts, Frames, Backgrounds, selftape.
Second Weekend: Scene Work for the camera, embodied speaking, Close up

Mindset Coaching

There is the possibility to look at possible mental and emotional blockages in the first year with a mindset coach to make the acting instrument more responsive.