Summer Intensive

4 weeks Meisner Training including Alexander Technique

3 June – 28 June 2024

Mo – Fr
12.30 – 3.30 pm 

»Your acting will not be good until it is only yours. That's true of music, acting, anything creative. You work until finally nobody is acting like you.«

Sanford Meisner

1400,- EUR (incl. VAT)

This Workshop is a short, intense confrontation with all the levels that you can go though in the Meisner Technique. We’ll start with the fundamental exercise „The Repetition“, then we’ll explore the „Knock on the door“, from there we’ll move on to “Emotional Preparation“, and we’ll finally bring all these elements together in the “scene study week”. In just 4 weeks, you’ll get to know the power that the Meisner Technique can give you for your craft as an actor and on top of that for you as a person.

Week 1
In the first part of the program you’ll get to understand the basic „Repetition“ exercise. You will experience the power that lies in this exercise and how you can take on board the most important and basic fundamentals of the technique, such as: truly listen, let yourself be affected and take it personal, have a clear point of view, really negotiate and mean what you say, let your whole body work with and for you in the space around you.

Week 2
The famous „Knock on the door“ exercise is one of my favorite steps in the Meisner Training. This exercise really shows you how to work off the other person’s behavior and mirrors you how you are crashing the moment every time you try to act or try to bring something on stage that just comes out of your head and isn’t organically happening to you. This exercise also confronts you with multitasking on purpose, and reveals emotions like anger and rage. Emotions that we rarely get to deal with in real life, but are highly required in acting and fun to live out fully.

Week 3
„Emotional Preparation“ is the part of the Meisner Technique where you start to work alone on stage. Exercises like „Coming home to be alone“ and „Coming home to do“ confront you to work with your own fantasy and imagination. You will get to know the famous „what if“ tool, you will feed your imagination and let your imaginary story inspire and touch your emotional system. The result of this training is to really believe in imaginary circumstances and to take them as a reality.

Week 4
In the last level of the workshop you will not only work with a scene text, but also with the following: being conversational, understanding characters, specific circumstances, relationships and scene objectives. You will experience to work trough all the important questions like: What are the previous circumstances of the scene? What specific relationship does your character have with the other characters in the scene? What does your character want from his/her partner emotionally in the scene? What happens if your character does not get what he/she wants?

Working with text in the Meisner Technique, as in so many other techniques too, has a lot to do with asking questions and bringing yourself into the reality of the scene. All the exercises that you went trough in the previous weeks will inspire and feed your truthful, emotional and behavioral life. You will experience how it feels to go through a scene organically, fully invested and highly emotional but without negative tension, open and vulnerable, straight and clear.
You will experience that real acting feels like flying.

Meisner Repetition Class

1.00 – 3.00 pm

Weekly training class
Scene Study Class

April 16
– June 6

6 weeks (6 hours per week, 36 hours in total)
Two Year Professional Acting Program

January – October
next coming up November 2024

1st year: total length – 32 weeks (approximately 9 hours a week)
Camera Acting Workshop

27-28 July


3-4 August


2-Tages Workshop mit Joe Berger (Kameramann)
This is me

to be announced

2 day workshop
Meisner Introduction Workshop

8-9 June

2 day workshop