Scence Study Masterclass

Upcoming Scence Study Class​es

“Out of your head and into your body” (Larry Moss)

The most important thing in working on a play, script or scene is to bring the words, lines and ideas written on paper by the author, to a fully felt physical and emotional life on stage or for the camera. It’s our job as actors to use our body and our voice as instruments to create specific, visceral behavior so that the audience can understand us, and therefore empathize with us.

To be able to make this happen we need tools – a craft that allows us to work with joy and a clear direction on scenes and its characters. In this masterclass, we will therefore focus on the following five essential tools for bringing the actor and the scene to complete life. These tools are rooted in the Meisner Technique.

Integrating these tools will help you to craft a scene that is specific and clear. This allows you to work with trust and calmness from moment to moment.

Amelie Tambour and Rob Liethoff will lead this masterclass.