Meisner Acting Program

48 days Program


Acting is doing.
Doing is failing.
Failing is freedom.

The aim of the Meisner Acting Program is to let go of preconceived notions, patterns, blockages and become an emotionally free, self-confident and impressive actor. It’s all about developing and revealing openness, honesty, emotionality and power. You will step into who you are as an individual and learn to use your intuition and your instincts. Get in touch with yourself and understand, that you – yourself are the most precious tool that you have as an actor. Simply put: you will learn how to be you. In this program you will be guided by director and acting coach, Amélie Tambour, through a very intense journey of getting in touch with the art of acting. She will lead you through all ups and downs, always encouraging and supporting you to feel free to embarrass yourself, fail and ultimately set yourself free. Experiencing these steps embedded in a group of colleagues that are going through the same process, will be one of the most beautiful surprises of that journey.

Enhancing your body- and movement-skills through Alexander Technique is also a big part of the program. You will learn from your coach, Annedore Kleist, how to let your body support your emotions and thus help you behave freely and truthfully on stage; actively getting out of your own way.

Your mindset and transformation coach, Dafne-Maria Fiedler, will support your emotional development by helping you transform your fixed beliefs, negative thought patterns and dissolve blockages.
You will also be accompanied by a voice teacher, Hanna Brodersen, to free one of your most important instruments – your voice. You will enjoy a „Headshot“ seminar with a professional photographer, who will help you find and show your authentic-self.
In the final phase of the program you will do an „About Me Video“.
A possibility to present yourself to the commercial market as your true, authentic self.
Pure, authentic, strong, confident and motivated.
At the end of the Meisner program you will get the chance to get in touch with a well known casting director/ agent for a Q&A.

The Meisner Technique

Level 1 – Foundation

In the first part of the program you will learn the basic exercise, the so called „Repetition Exercise“. It is and will be the foundation of your work. You will learn to put your attention away from yourself onto your partner.
The honesty and openness that you will experience in this early stage of the technique will already highly influence the way you act and present yourself in auditions and jobs.

Level 2 – Emotional Preparation

In the second part of the program you will learn to juggle exercises.
You will continue working with the basic Repetition Exercise, adding elements of an artificial scenario, such as: circumstances, independent activities, moments before etc.
You will focus on living truthfully under imaginary circumstances while working off your partners’ behaviour. Step by step you will gain emotional freedom and depth.
Following your instinct and stepping into your own power is the aim of the second level.

Level 3 – Scene Work

The last step is to add text. You have built a step by step system that will be the foundation of your powerful, professional acting career. Already working on a high level of honesty, truthfulness and simplicity you will realize, that the most important ingredient that you always have to add is „yourself“.
Stepping into yourself 100% and becoming a unique, individual artist.

Amélie’s Meisner Program has helped me be more confident and free on stage. I’ve rediscovered what it means to have fun, play and let go. The Meisner-toolbox is practical and exiting. Amélie has an incredible eye for honesty and detail and helps actors grow and be human again. It’s a real pleasure to work with her.

Amanda Mincewicz
Studio Tambour’s Meisner Program has been an amazing experience. The 42 day hands on workshop provides precise tools that are easy to apply. It’s all about finding the right balance between contact, instinct and decision making which are the key factors for delivering truthful and intelligent performances.

Torben Liebrecht
Amélie really went above and beyond to create an atmosphere for us to explore, engage and glow. The work feels raw, empowering and most of all fun – no matter where the scene takes you.

Daniel Anderson
Studio Tambour is my save space for “try and error”. And where would we get as actors, if we were not trying? Throughout my last classes in the Studio, Amélie Tambour made me become a better listener, and more truthfully present on stage /in front of the camera and… in real life too.

Philipp Boos

The Alexander Technique

We start to work on simple activities like standing up, sitting down on a chair, walking etc. While you are performing these activities, your Alexander Technique Teacher will help you recognize and stop unnecessary tension. You’ll learn to stay out of the way, so that something different, new can happen instead. The manner in which you move and do things becomes light and free. You start to act in a state of tranquility and heightened presence.

Mindset and Transformation Work

In this part of the course we will take a closer look at our individual belief systems. We will tackle subconscious obstacles, that may hold us back from being present, confident and successful. This work will be a mixture of Mindset-Coaching and energy work – focusing on transforming old, destructive patterns and replacing them with new ones. All based on awareness and purpose. Practical tools will be given to support this work in the long run. Creating a healthy mind and reminding us how to stay in balance and maintain power over our own minds.

Voice Training

Integrating the power of your voice into your acting is a fundamental part of being on stage. Voice Training provides specific muscle strengthening and stretching exercises that enable you to (re-)learn a healthy way of speaking and singing. You will improve flexibility and strength by accessing your full vocal range and freeing yourself from physical and mental blockages. All this work will be backed up by anatomical knowledge, expanding and deepening your understanding of your vocal instrument and its functions. Powerful methods such as mental training and sound healing will help you to explore your full potential.

About Me Video​

At Studio Tambour you will find a style of “About Me Videos” that is totally pure, truthful and raw. You will present yourself as an artist, an actor, but first of all as a human being.

Find out more on our YouTube channel:

Headshot Workshop​

Our mantra: Learning by doing. You will get to work with professional photographer, Tom Wagner, exploring yourself in front of the camera. This will be accompanied by a Q&A in which Tom will answer all of your questions. Including: How do I find the right photographer for me? What can I expect from the photographer? How do I prepare for a photoshoot? How can I influence my image? What clothes do I wear? How do I choose them? One headshot will be yours, free to use.

Q&A with a Casting Director/Agent

Getting a new perspective on the industry. In the Q&A you will get the chance to ask all the questions you have always wanted to ask an expert. Topics such as the following will be explored: difference between real life auditions vs. e-castings online presentation and social media how to follow up/ get in touch with business professionals importance of networking/ film festivals etc.


48 days of intensive training will be offered in a time period of 12 weeks.
Classes will take place: Mo, Wed, Thu, Fri, 10 am – 3 pm
Classes will be held in German and English, (both languages concurrently, if required).
Please bring comfortable clothes, a notebook and a pen.

The next program will run from August until November 2021.
Max. 8 participants.
Price: 2.870,- €
zzgl. 19% MwSt.


This program can financially be supported by the GVL.
Registration required in advance via:

The Meisner Acting Program is based on the original program.
It was created at the Neighborhood Playhouse by Sanford Meisner.

If you want to register please tell us something about you and share your website or any related link to your work.