March 27–29 Workshop postponed!

Due to the recommendations of WHO we decided to change the date of our Workshop.
A new date will be announced as soon as possible. We will keep you informed about new events in the Studio.

Getting in touch with yourself

Introduction to Meisner & Alexander Technique Weekend

3 Days Acting Workshop

After working as Meisner Technique and Alexander Technique coaches for several years, using it for stage work, as well as on film sets, we are convinced that the combination of the two techniques really make a difference.

The symbiosis can have a huge impact on the quality of ones acting: taking off the masks, being in the moment, being present, being connected and being brave enough to be uncomfortable. This workshop will convey an understanding for what it means to be present.

This 3 days workshop will show you how to use yourself as a human being, how to use your instrument that you have as an actor, your body and mind, fully.
If getting in contact with your partner is one of the things that you want to train, then it is essential to get to know yourself first. Knowing what you are doing, how you are behaving and feeling, is of massive importance for an actor in order to be able to see and understand the behavior and emotions of the partner.

With the Basic Exercise of the Meisner Technique „The Repetition“ we will set a start for this idea of getting in touch with yourself on a mental level. With the Alexander Technique we will support this idea by getting in touch with your body. Learning how to move and behave without standing in your own way, without falling into the traps of your own pattern.

On each day you will be trained in Meisner Technique exercises (teacher Amélie Tambour) as well as in Alexander Technique exercises (teacher Annedore Kleist).
With very simple but effective training you will get in touch with yourself and with your acting in a completely new way: free, confident, strong, exited but relaxed, open and interested, hungry for contact, ready to give and ready to receive.

The class will be held in German and English, (both languages at the same time if required). Please bring comfortable clothes, warm socks, a blanket if possible and a notebook and a pen (analogue).

max. 8 participants
for professional actors only

Fr 15-18h
Sa and Sun 10-18h
Price 250,- €

If you have any questions or need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us:

If you want to register for this workshop please tell us something about you and share your website or any related link to your work.


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