Camera Acting Workshop

Upcoming Camera Acting Workshop

Make the camera your ally

2-Day Workshop with Joe Berger (Cinematographer)

This workshop focuses on the many challenges of being an actor in front of the camera and on a film set. Participants will receive a practical framework and craft that will give them the necessary confidence on the film set to focus entirely on their acting. In various exercises with the camera, with video acting and direct playback, we develop a feeling for the cinematic space and the effect of the player in it. The focus is not on scenic work or acting techniques, but on understanding the technical apparatus and using it for oneself, so that the player can fully blossom in his/her acting. There will be exercises on markings, playing in close-up and long shot, glances and lines of sight, focal lengths, shot sizes, sharpness and a feeling for light and shadow. The goal of these two days is to give an awareness of the effect of the actor*s face and body in front of the camera. In addition, we will shed light on the processes and structures on the film set in order to lose your shyness in front of the camera and make it your ally.

The workshop is designed for actors with different levels of experience. Filming experience is required.