Alexander Technique Class

The Alexander Technique helps you to find out where you have developed restraining and sometimes even harmful patterns in using your most important instrument as an actor: Your body. The way you move, the way you stand, sit and walk, has an impact on your breath, voice, your mindset and your emotions. You will discover your innate sense of self organization at work, that kicks in when you „get out of your own way“, where every activity feels light, effortless and free. This weekly class is a space to learn the basics of the Alexander Technique, to experiment and apply the technique to different games and activities in group and partner work. Also please feel free to bring activities of your own choice. 

To be able to book the Alexander Technique Class, you must have completed the Meisner Introduction Workshop or must be logged in as a member.

Get to know the Alexander Technique Class

Get a first impression of the technique, meet the teachers and the studio. Please let us know when you want to watch a class.