Meisner Training on Tuesdays

Basic Meisner Training

The basic Meisner Technique „repetition“ exercise

At the Meisner Basic Class you will learn the basic aim of the Meisner Technique, to get in contact with your partner. Putting your attention 100% on your partner will make your acting capable of authentic reaction. It will train you to really listen and care for your partner, the most important precondition to make your acting free, alive and filled with emotions.

open class

10:30 – 12:30

25,- € / lesson unit

Advanced Meisner Training

Knock on the Door, Emotional Preparation, Moment Before, Activities, working with text

At the Meisner Advanced Class you will learn to develop and use the „Repetition“ exercise in further exercises such as „the knock on the door“ as well as using all Meisner Acting Tools for Scene Work with text. You will learn and practice to develop a character and how to fill that character with real emotions from moment to moment.

open class

13:00 – 15:00

25,- € / lesson unit

Improvisation Training on Fridays

Weekly Improvisation Trainings

Putting yourself on stage without knowing one single line, without having a character, without any information about what you should do, scares the sh.. out of you. Learning to use this fear, as a positiv useful energy and turn it into power, is the aim of this Improvisation class. Training to set yourself free from expectations, learning to be brave enough to act before you think, experiencing to fail and learn to trust your instincts. All these things are the very basis of the possibility to set yourself free as an actor and step into your own power and art.

open class

10:30 – 13:30

25,- € / lesson unit


The Studio Tambour-Card

10 units: 200,- €
The Studio Tambour-Card is valid for the Meisner-Basic, Meisner-Advanced and the improvisation class.

Scene Study Class

The Scene Work Class takes place this march and april. Based on Meisner Repetition, we work on exercises like Knock on the Door, Emotional Preparation, Moment Before. All exercises together built a fundament for living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. We will focus on working with text, characters and circumstances in a free, authentic and creative way, not being reduced to prefabricated reaction-pattern.
The class will be supported by actress Annedore Kleist who is also a coach in the Alexander Technique. This technique helps to recognize and stop unnecessary tension. We learn to stay out of the way, so that something different, new can happen instead. The manner how we move and do things becomes light and free. We start to act in a state of tranquility and heightened presence.

max. 6 participants

Next class takes place in march/april and is already fully booked.

Camera Acting mit Joe Berger

Camera Acting Workshop

In the Camera Acting Workshop the effect of the actor in front of the lens is worked out with the help of a camera and video. With targeted exercises, tips and tricks are imparted which increase precision in front of the camera and facilitate technical repeatability. It will be shown how knowledge and mastery of the technical process in front of the camera can be of great advantage for authentic and free play. We will also touch on the Do’s and Dont’s of behaviour on set.

The aim of these two days is to give an awareness of the actors’ face and body, to take away the fear of this camera.

max. 6 participants

15.06.19 – 16.06.19
10:00 – 19:00

280,- €