Online Acting Sessions

Sharpen your acting skills during the isolation.

Studio Tambour is offering online acting coaching session to train your truthfulness by working on monologues and texts. There are various possibilities to keep on working with the Meisner Technique even tough you don’t have a partner in front of you. But there still is an audience, your coach, who then becomes your partner. The online sessions also give you the possibility to work on your tool to read text out loud. You start to take this as a chance to sharpen your skills as a performer who is able to occur with eloquence, emotional depth and sovereignty.

One session is 60 minutes
Price: 25€

You can also use the Studio Tambour
10x Card to pay for sessions.

Ask for individual appointments.


Meisner Open Classes

open class

Meisner Basic

The basic Meisner Technique „repetition“ exercise

At the Meisner Basic Class you will learn the basic aim of the Meisner Technique, to get in contact with your partner. Putting your attention 100% on your partner will make your acting capable of authentic reaction. It will train you to really listen and care for your partner, the most important precondition to make your acting free, alive and filled with emotions.

Tuesdays 10:30 – 13:30
20,- € / lesson unit

Registration required

open class

Meisner Advanced

Knock on the Door, Emotional Preparation, Moment Before, Activities, working with text

At the Meisner Advanced Class you will learn to develop and use the „Repetition“ exercise in further exercises such as „the knock on the door“ as well as using all Meisner Acting Tools for Scene Work with text. You will learn and practice to develop a character and how to fill that character with real emotions from moment to moment.

Wednesday 10:30 – 13:30
20,- € / lesson unit

Registration required

open class

Meisner Scene Work

Based on the acting tools that you will train on tuesdays and wednesdays you get the chance to train and experience your acting tools every friday by playing a scene.

You will work and play the scene that you will be given as often as it is required until you have the feeling that you got to the score of the scene and your character. To train the Meisner tools as often as possible while doing a scene is one of the most important parts of your work.

Fridays 10:30 – 13:30
20,- € / lesson unit

Registration required


The Studio Tambour-Card

10 units: 180,- €
The Studio Tambour-Card is valid for the Meisner-Basic, Meisner-Advanced and the improvisation class.


3 Days Acting Workshop

New: Getting in touch with yourself – Introduction to Meisner & Alexander Technique Weekend

After working as Meisner Technique and Alexander Technique coaches for several years, using it for stage work, as well as on film sets, we are convinced that the combination of the two techniques really make a difference.

The symbiosis can have a huge impact on the quality of ones acting: taking off the masks, being in the moment, being present, being connected and being brave enough to be uncomfortable. This workshop will convey an understanding for what it means to be present.

max. 8 participants
for professional actors only

Fr 15-18h
Sa and Sun 10-18h
Price 250,- €


Camera Acting

In the Camera Acting Workshop the effect of the actor in front of the lens is worked out with the help of a camera and video.

With targeted exercises, tips and tricks are imparted which increase precision in front of the camera and facilitate technical repeatability. It will be shown how knowledge and mastery of the technical process in front of the camera can be of great advantage for authentic and free play. We will also touch on the Do’s and Dont’s of behaviour on set.

The aim of these two days is to give an awareness of the actors’ face and body, to take away the fear of this camera.

max. 6 participants
280,- €


Showreel Workshop

Within the Showreel workshop you will develop a monologue based on the Meisner Technique that forces you to go deep into your emotional life.

In a one day preparation with DOP Joe Berger you will get to know the basics of camera acting. On the 4th day you will get the chance to shoot your monologue scene at the studio with professional education and set up.

you will learn:

  • to get in touch with your emotional life
  • to develop a monologue instinctively, impulsively and by association
  • to bring your impulsiv, emotional acting in front of a camera

9-13 September 2019