Berlin Meisner Studio for professional actors

»Die Theorie von Allem« premiered in Venice at the Filmfestival

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»Die Welt wird eine andere sein« at Berlinale

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Summer Intensive

3 June – 28 June 2024

4 weeks Meisner Training including Alexander Technique
Meisner Repetition Class

1.00 – 3.00 pm

Weekly training class
Scene Study Class

April 16
– June 6

6 weeks (6 hours per week, 36 hours in total)
Two Year Professional Acting Program

January – October
next coming up November 2024

1st year: total length – 32 weeks (approximately 9 hours a week)
Camera Acting Workshop

27-28 July


3-4 August


2-Tages Workshop mit Joe Berger (Kameramann)
This is me

22-23 June 2024

2 day workshop
Meisner Introduction Workshop

8-9 June

2 day workshop

Meisner • Acting • Coaching

Studio Tambour, founded in 2016, is a place where you as professional actors can train your acting skills regularly during weekly classes and intensive workshops. In a safe working space you expand your ability to focus on your partner, act and react truthfully from moment to moment. You train to get in deeper touch with your instincts, honesty and attentiveness.

Studio Tambour Newsletter

»Amélie is, above all, a great reader of people’s minds and hearts, so her process will bring out what’s most important for both actors and Directors: an unexpected kind of truth!«

Timm Kröger
Director of »Die Theorie von Allem«

»Amélie's clear, flexible way to adapt to people and their needs and her very profound knowledge of acting in film is what makes her so indispensable for me. I would never want to make another movie without Amélie!«

Anne Zohra Berrached
Director of »Die Welt wird eine andere sein«

»Amélie has made me a better actor. Thank you!«

Rony Herman

»It is an enrichening experience with a huge learning curve for me. Come along and join in!«

Luise Befort

»The quality input here is exceptional!«

Philipp Boos

»I have learned to balance truth, vulnerability and openness - and for that I will always be greatful to Amélie and her team.«

Rebecca Dyson Smith

Receive guidance from an acting coach and present yourself and your idea for a character.
Coaching for Directors, Authors and Screenwriters
Finding a language with actors. Play, Character and Scene Analysis for directors, authors and screenwriters
About Me Videos
A unique, unscripted showcase of oneself, highlighting genuine character and uniqueness, free from preplanned texts or artificial embellishments.
Coaching for Actors
Play/Character/Scene Analysis for Actors to prepare for a role.